Cakes to die for Terms and Conditions apply to all orders and enquiries made through my Facebook Page, email and phone.



You can request to have a cake made that appears in any of the galleries or a replica from google images but cakes are made fresh to order so I can not guarantee that it will look the exact same as in the photo.


Placing an order

Once an order has been confirmed you are required to fill out an order form supplied by Cakes to die for and pay a 50% deposit at the time of booking. This ensures we have all the right information to ensure your booking can run smoothly.
Supplying an order form without a deposit payed and vice versa does not fully secure your booking. Orders will not commence in any way unless an order form and deposit have been received.


Payment methods and deposits
The following payment options are available when ordering with Cakes to die for.

PayPal Account Funds Deposit

Credit Card (VISA & MasterCard) and Debit Card (via eft)

Cash on Pick up or delivery (only available when a minimum 50% deposit has previously been made.)

Payment is required at time of placing and confirming an order. It is the responsibility of customers to ensure they include their name in the description field when making direct deposit payments and remember to allow two days for payments to clear before their orders are confirmed.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm your order.  No order will be commenced until a deposit has been paid. Cake to die for has to right to cancel any booking without notice if the deposit has not been paid on time.
Please note that deposits ARE NON REFUNDABLE

Deposits for all orders are non-refundable


Balance Due
The remaining Balance of your order can be paid (after deposit has been paid) on pick up using cash or 1 week prior to the date you require your goods via eft. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they are aware of the date for final payment. I will not follow up unpaid orders and will not commence the order unless funds have been received.  If you are collecting your order, the balance may be paid upon collection.  I do not accept payment by cheque, money order or over the phone.



If you cancel your order after confirming with a deposit, your deposit is non-refudable, no exceptions.

If you are requesting to postpone your order, your request will be approved dependant on the availability of the postponed date requested, where the requested date is unavailable and you cancel your booking you may be applicable for store credit.



Any changes made to your order within 7 days of collection or delivery may not always be possible. Changes within the 7 day time frame may incur a surcharge, depending on the change requested.  In most cases I can accommodate changes, however at times it is not possible. I will endeavour to accommodate you to the best of my ability.



Transportation/ delivery
It is important to remember that all my products are perishable and delicate.  My aim is to provide only the freshest and highest quality products to my customers.  Unfortunately on pick- up when the cake is in transit a number of factors relating to the care and transportation of the cakes may result in the quality being compromised or damage occurring to the cakes that are beyond my control or responsibility. My products are packed very carefully by hand to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. I guarantee that all of my products are dispatched in perfect condition and therefore I do not replace items that may be on occasion broken or damaged during your transit.



Variations from pictured items
In some cases it may be necessary to change a colour or vary a product from the picture on my site as certain cake decorating items may from time to time be unavailable.

Please note that where colours are concerned, the picture represented on our website may not be a true representation of the colour of the cake as quite often screen colours are not correct and therefore your cake may appear to be different in colour from that shown.

Where items are provided on cakes (handmade sugared items and decorations) they are strictly provided as decorations on a cake, if there are any breakages or faults with the items after they are removed from the cake I will not replace, exchange or make new items.



As each cake is unique, so too, are your special requirements and concerns surrounding your order.  If you have found that for any reason the cake you ordered did not meet your expectations then please contact me via telephone or email.  A number of resolutions may be available to you and are subject to your particular situation.

If there is an issue with your order please note that you must refrigerate or freeze the cake immediately and return it to me on the next business day.

Refunds are only provided when confirmation has been made by Cakes to die for that the order did not meet order expectations and are granted at the discretion of Cakes to die for.
If the cake is not returned within the above timeframe quality control cannot be carried out, therefore, a refund cannot be granted.



Prices for custom orders will only be provided via email, fb messenger or phone. Enquiries must be made through email, fb message or phone.

All product prices and packaging charges are subject to change without notice.

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and are applicable and correct at the time of order.



Food Products

Most dietary requirements can be catered to.

Any dietary requirements must be reported to me and written clearly on your order form.

While all is done to ensure the cleanliness of our kitchen please be aware that the Cakes to die for kitchen is not a nut free or gluten-free kitchen and we use nuts and gluten etc in other orders. 

Ingredients that are outsourced may also be produced in a factory that also produces nuts etc.

Products can and may contain TRACES of nut or other allergens. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform their guests that traces of nuts or other allergens could be present in the cake, cupcakes or other. Cakes to die for WILL NOT be held responsible for anyone suffering from nut allergies or any other allergies.



Non edible/ plastic items
Non edible items may be used as decorations on my products. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that any non-edible items are removed prior to consumption.


Final notes
 All efforts will be made by Cakes to die for to ensure that the final product is matched to the colour chosen as much as possible however Cakes to die for does not guarantee to match the exact colour/s and designs chosen.

All effort will be made by Cakes to die for to supply the products agreed upon at the time of booking. However, Cakes to die for will not be held responsible if the products are not available as a result of, but not limited to, unavailability, seasonal variation or poor quality.




 updated- 15/07/2019